Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New washable 12mm Tactile Switches

New washable Tactile Switches in size 12mm (TP57 series) extend the wide product program of Greatecs. For the first time it is possible to fulfill the request for washability at these larger switches with an edge length of 12mm. The offered switches are available with SMT and THT terminals. Another highlight is the environmental compatibility due to the use of halogen-free recyclable materials.

There are 5 different actuating forces available with values between 100gf and 520gf. For the actuators the customer can choose a flat 4.3mm stem or a 7.3mm shaft for slip-on caps. The slip-on caps have a round or square shape and are offered in 8 different colors.

The high valued switch contacts offer a precise and reliable operation over the entire lifetime of 1,000,000 electrical life-cycles. Specifications, samples and series quantities are available at Greatecs.

Specification TP57 series: